The financial health of your business is like your physical health; it's better to get a check-up from a professional now than wait for a problem to arise.

When you partner with Garland & Greenwood for a business assessment, we'll conduct a thorough examination of your financials. We can review existing plans and policies, provide assurance to outside parties, adjust your accounting records, and even provide you with forecasts and projections.

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Audits Available for:

✔ 401k Plans
✔ Farm Co-Op Associations
✔ High Net Worth Individuals
✔ Law Firms
✔ Medical Service Providers
✔ Non-Banking Lending Entities
✔ Not-For-Profit Organization
✔ Partnerships with Oil & Gas Lease Investments
✔ Partnerships with Real Estate Investments
✔ POA's
✔ Private Companies
✔ Private Schools
✔ Publicly Traded Companies
✔ Specialty Trade Contractors
✔ Voluntary Health & Welfare Organizations


If you require limited assurance to outside interests, Garland & Greenwood's analytical procedures can reaffirm your financial statements and identify items that may require further examination.


Corporate management seeking to adjust accounting records but not to the extent of assurance can request compilations.

Financial Projections & Forecasts

A financial projection can be the closest thing to a crystal ball when you want to anticipate your business's future. With over 100 years of combined experience, partners at Garland & Greenwood put their expertise to work for you and provide unparalleled insights into forecasting the best next steps for your business or organization.
Accurate and insightful financial reporting.
We provide unparalleled insights for business.
Accurate preparation and timely filing.
The road to financial success can be tricky. Let G&G be your navigator.
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