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About Us

Our Mission

With locations throughout Arkansas, Garland & Greenwood has created a network of certified public accountants who exchange experience and vision to better serve you, our client.

Our Vision

Garland & Greenwood envisions a future where individuals, businesses and organizations are empowered and confident in their current and future accounting, finances, and taxes as a result of their collaboration with their CPA.

Garland & Greenwood prioritizes clients’ experiences and consciously works to create an atmosphere that is transparent, trustworthy and comfortable.

The firm has created a partnership of highly qualified client-oriented professionals, utilizing their vast array of knowledge to exchange information and expand service offerings through collaboration within the firm.

Garland & Greenwood strives to earn the reputation as the best accounting firm in Arkansas through progressive client-centric service that is strategic, reliable, and accurate.

Our Partners

John Brock | Garland & Greenwood | CPAs and Advisors, PLLC

John Brock

Founding Partner

Jake Froemsdorf | Garland & Greenwood | CPAs and Advisors, PLLC

Jake Froemsdorf

Managing Partner

Rocky Goodman | Garland & Greenwood | CPAs and Advisors, PLLC

Rocky Goodman

Managing Partner

Greg Schichtl | Garland & Greenwood | CPAs and Advisors, PLLC

Greg Schichtl

Founding Partner

Mike Tuohey | Garland & Greenwood | CPAs and Advisors, PLLC

Mike Tuohey

Founding Partner


Has my CPA firm been purchased by a larger corporation?
No, We are merging five similarly sized accounting firms located throughout Central Arkansas.

Who are the other companies and partners in the merger?
The Garland & Greenwood merger involves the following partners and accounting firms:
John Brock and Rocky Goodman, McIlroy Keen Goodman, LLP, Little Rock
J. Michael Tuohey, Prince & Tuohey, CPAs, Hot Springs
Robert G Schichtl II, CPA, Conway
Jake Froemsdorf, FDV | CPA and Consulting Services, PLLC, Bentonville

Why is my CPA firm merging with these other companies?
As longtime colleagues, the Founding Partners shared the desire to develop an accounting firm that believed in empowering clients’ confidence in their financial health and soliciting the assistance of trusted peers in situations that fell outside their expertise. After many conversations, the first of which occurred in Garland County, Arkansas, and Greenwood, Mississippi, we realized that a merger would allow us to better deliver on our vision and mission. Hence, our decision to name the new firm Garland & Greenwood CPAs and Advisors!

How will the merger impact me, as a client?
You will not be affected by the merger other than having additional resources and expertise available to you. The same staff you have known and grown accustomed to will still be here to serve you. You will likely meet some great new team members along the way as we grow!

Is there going to be an increase in fees or expenses?
No, the merger will not increase fees or additional costs. Our invoices will be generated from a different software, but the same payment methods will be available, including online payment.

Will my personal CPA continue to oversee day-to-day operations?
Yes, we will continue to operate out of our current offices, work with the same clients, and be responsible for the firm’s overall direction. The founding partners of Garland & Greenwood will meet regularly in our newly renovated headquarters in Little Rock to review the firm’s needs and performance.

Is the office moving to a new location?
Some of our offices will stay in their current locations while the Garland & Greenwood’s official headquarters will be located at 501 N. University Avenue, Little Rock. See our locations page for details.

How will I communicate with my accountant?
All of our phone numbers will remain the same, though you may want to update our email addresses in your contact list: we will utilize a first initial “.” last name methodology (;;;

It sounds like I’m not going to experience any major change due to the merger, is that correct?
Yes! You will continue to work with the same professionals you’ve come to know. You will not experience any change or interruption of service, and there will be no additional fees or expenses. Our name, letterhead, and logo may have changed, but the core of our business and our commitment to our clients has not.


We have truly appreciated the faith you have placed in us as your trusted advisor. Please rest assured that you will continue to receive the same time and attention under Garland & Greenwood as you have under our previous firms. Our new partners and locations will add a new range of skills, services, and expertise that can only stand to benefit you as our client.

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